The first assembled Tesla   TPMS sensors bypass modules:

Naked assembled TPMS sensors simulating modules

Hurrah, TPMS dashboard warnings no more! Or, not so fast…

If it is not clear enough what these units are good for please see the first few pictures on the TPMS disable simulator’s main page.

The device has been brought up by stimulating a Continental VDO KR5TIS-01 TPMS sensor. The part numbers for the simulated sensors are 1034602, 103460200A, 103460200B, SE52068. It is compatible with the vehicles below:



Model 3; 2017 – 2021

Model S; 2015 – 2021

Model X; 2015 – 2021

The simulator has not yet been tried out on any vehicle. Got one of the vehicles above and are looking for a solution for the TPMS nuisance ? Get it for half the price and some of your time! Drop me a message