The first assembled Renault / Nissan / Lada TPMS sensors bypass modules:

Naked assembled TPMS sensors simulating modules

Hurrah, TPMS dashboard warnings no more! Or, not so fast…

If it is not clear enough what these units are good for please see the first few pictures on the TPMS disable simulator’s main page.

The device was brought up by eavesdropping on a bunch of Renaults on the highway: 1 Kadjars, 2 Megane IV, 1 Talisman, 1 Scenic IV. The part number for the simulated sensors is 407004CB0B (mostly sold in Europe, many more different part numbers apply). The sensors are originally made by VDO and their transmitter ID is S180150006 . Iit should be compatible with these vehicles as well, check out this ebay store:

    Espace (V)      06.2015 –>
    Kadjar             06.2015 –>
    Koleos              03.2017 –>
    Megane (IV)   11.2015 –>
    Scenic (IV)      09.2016 –>
    Talisman         06.2015 –>
  •  LADA
    GRANTA          07.2016 –>
    KALINA           10.2016 –>
    PULSAR          10.2016 –>
    QASHQAI II   10.2016 –>
    X-TRAIL         10.2016 –>
    e-NV200         10.2016 –>
    TILDA             10.2016 –>
  • DACIA ? Probably not

The simulator has not yet been tried out on any vehicle. Got one of the vehicles above and are looking for a solution for the TPMS nuissance ? Get it for FREE! Drop me a message