The new version progress is complete

Update 08.11.2018

Progress TODO list:

✓ Start

Sent new PCB design to fab house (drats!… I have used a part no longer manufactured in the new design. Unsent it!). Resent it. Problems at the fab house.

Ordered all parts. Problem with the parts delivery. They have mostly arrived now. Today 06.12 DHL should have delivered the PCBs to my door. They’ve screwed me up. I … hope tomorrow they will deliver :S. Nope, they did not receive my emails, there will be delays. Again! 🙁

Sent in the VAT payment proof, they received it. Tomorrow 12.12 will probably arrive at my door. It is 14.12 today and still nothing. I don’t know when they will finally release it from customs. Sorry folks! Update 17.12 – the package is nicely sitting at the Customs Office waiting for its “physical exam”, or so they say. Unbelovable!

And it is still there as of 21.12.2018. This can only happen with DHL. At this point I don’t think they will deliver anything this year, and neither will I.

 Assembled them. Started working on cables + casings.

Written the new software

Written the new instructions and translated them in other languages.

 Testing (battery version). Update 28.01 fixed some bugs, today took it out for a first on-vehicle test – went fine. 29.01 – went semi-fine, fixed a bug. 30.01 – went fine, looks seaworthy. A few more tweaks may or may not be needed. 01.02 they are ready to hit the ECU. Spoof ’em once more!

 Finish (02.02.2019) – estimated 31.01.2019