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TPMS simulator v1.0 for FCA vehicles, from IRON GATES

battery powered / corded –

The TPMS simulator replaces the four tire pressure sensors that equip FCA group & friends vehicles manufactured for the North American market.

Notice: This device has two distinct super-operating modes. One of them is “main” – presented below, and the other would be “service” – meant for advanced users and troubleshooting, not presented here. You can easily distinguish between them by looking at the led blinking patterns as you cycle the state diagram in each of the two super-modes, using the smaller black button. If you happen to stumble into service mode just power cycle the device. On each power cycling it goes into the other super-mode. Do so by either unplugging / replugging it into a 12V outlet or by pressing the larger (usually red) button two times (off and then on).

Further down below is the unit’s main operating mode state diagram. Going from one mode to the other is made sequentially as the arrows depict and it is accomplished by pressing the smaller black button.

Setup instructions

  1. Make sure the TPMS error / dash light is present on the EVIC / dashboard. If you do not have it drive around until it shows up, afterwards stop the engine for at least 20 minutes.
  1. Head down towards a mostly straight road section, having no traffic lights, on which driving at a constant 30 mph for some 4 or 5 minutes is practical. Make sure the device is turned on into the main operating mode (see the notice at the beginning), then put it in learn mode using the smaller black button.
  1. It will take some 2 or 3 minutes (about 1.4 miles driven over a straight road section, auto-pilot on at 30 mph; the distance and the driving time may increase if there is no auto-pilot function on your vehicle, if the road is not as straight or if the traffic imposes braking and accelerating). If there is no auto-pilot then just maintain the cruising speed as close as possible to 30 mph using the gas pedal. After this timeframe the vehicle learns the new TPMS simulated IDs and the errors clear out. If they do not clear over 5 km of cruising at 30 mph redo this step, but only after a break of at least 20 minutes with the engine turned off.
  1. Don’t forget to put the device back in normal mode, otherwise the battery powered device will drain its batteries in about two months. Enjoy!

Troubleshooting and returning the device

  • When alternating between different ID sets (i.e. real sensors and simulator) the vehicle will forget the simulated IDs, making a relearning necessary. In most cases this will happen when switching from summer tires and real sensors to winter tires and simulator.

When you are alternating between the simulator and real pressure sensors it is recommended to open the simulator device and take out the batteries. Their life will be noticeably extended.

In the event of not being able to make it work please visit the website – “Contact” section for assistance. I’ll be answering in English and Romanian.

There is 1 year of warranty for the device.

Also, returns for any reason are accepted within 60 days of receiving the device. It must be in operational condition and physically not damaged. It should be noted that the return fees are at customer’s expense. This also refers to any taxes I might be required to pay at the Post Office.